• Become a Patient and Family Advisor

    Share your experience and help us improve. 

    Advisors directly influence our policies, programs and practices. This role allows people just like you to help us deliver the best health care experience possible

    As an advisor, you’ll go through orientation and receive mentoring from a Luminis Health employee.

    Who can be an advisor?

    We need advisors for many projects. Anyone who has an interest can call and talk to us about opportunities.

    Would you make a good patient and family advisor?

    You don't need special experience, qualifications or expertise to be a patient and family advisor, but we do look for individuals who:

    • Are passionate about improving the health care experience.
    • Can see beyond their own care experiences.
    • Communicate effectively.
    • Listen well.
    • Respect diversity and differing opinions.
    • Share insights and experiences in productive ways.

    If you're interested, please contact our advisor coordinator at lbanchero@aahs.org or use our online form.